Association ByLaws Florida Sporting Clays Association

The FSCA Bylaws



The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, three (3) range owner/club representatives, three (3) at-large shooter representatives, and one (1) Florida NSCA National Delegate. The immediate past president shall also serve on the board as a non-voting advisory member, and may be called upon to cast a tiebreaker vote in a Board Meeting. In no case shall any person be permitted to occupy more than a single position on the Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors shall be determined in the following manner:

Officers Elected by the general membership and announced at the annual January General Membership Meeting in even numbered years. The method of voting (Electronic or in-person balloting at the January meeting) will be at the discretion of the Board with the general membership informed by Newsletter at least one month in advance of the election. Candidate nominations will be proposed by the FSCA Election committee and can be made online by general membership also. All nominations will be presented to members prior to online election. Online balloting will be accepted up to 1 week prior to the January General Meeting. Procedures will be in place to ensure no one votes more than once. Members who have not yet voted may vote in person at the January meeting if needed. 

The terms of office of the Officers shall be two years, and shall commence immediately following the January election meeting.

The terms of all members of the FSCA Board of Directors (except the officers) shall be two years commencing at the Annual FSCA State Championship Meeting on even numbered years. Board members in the “At-Large” category will also be nominated and elected via online voting similar to officer elections while club reps and national delegates will be nominated and elected an via email process . All election results for Board members will be tallied by the Secretary and announced by the President at the annual state championship meeting. (See more on this below)

Each range/club in good standing shall appoint one (1) representative who will vote to elect three (3) ranges or clubs to the FSCA Board. The Range or Club itself shall be on the Board, and may at any time select the person who shall represent the club.  The representative need not be affiliated with the club, but must be duly designated as representative in writing by the club/range owner or manager or sporting clays director. Any designated representative of a range or club must be a NSCA member, and must have registered a minimum of 500 targets in the preceding NSCA shoot year. The three (3) board members shall be determined by the three highest vote counts submitted. This process will be done by email. Membership At Large Directors: All individual FSCA members in good standing will vote for three representatives from the general membership of the FSCA to represent the membership on the FSCA Board of Directors. The method of voting (Electronic or in-person at the annual State Shoot Meeting in April) will be at the discretion of the Board and members will be notified at least one month prior to the State Shoot meeting. Nominations will submitted by a Board Election Committee as well as from members online.  Online voting will end three (3) weeks prior to the April State Shoot meeting.  Additional votes, if needed by those who did not vote online, can be added at the April meeting but new nominations will not be accepted.

Nominations may be made from members by email (addressed to the FSCA Secretary), or by online process similar to the Officer nominations at any time up until four weeks prior to the online vote. Nominees must accept nomination, and indicate their willingness to participate in the affairs of the FSCA Board. No Membership At Large director may be affiliated as Owner, Manager, or full time employee of any range or club, or with any industry that places him/her in a position of dealing substantially with only one particular range or club. Any person seeking a position on the Board of Directors as a Membership at Large Director shall have registered a minimum of 1000 targets in the preceding NSCA shoot year. The three nominees receiving the most votes shall be elected to the board.

NSCA Delegate: One of the NSCA delegates elected by the general membership during the NSCA Delegate Election. The delegate to serve on the FSCA Board of Directors shall be selected by vote of the delegates.  This process will be conducted via email three weeks prior to the April State Shoot meeting .

The names of the members of the Board of Directors, along with addresses and telephone numbers, will be provided to the General Membership within thirty (30) days of election either through direct mail or publication in any FSCA newsletter, or the FSCA Internet Web Site for the purpose of making all FSCA directors accessible to the membership body.

Each member of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to one vote at all meetings of the FSCA Board of Directors or any regularly scheduled or special meeting.

The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility to receive written complaints or protests against the conduct of any shooter or club which has openly violated the guidelines outlined in the Constitution and By-laws of the FSCA, included but not limited to un-sportsman like conduct or prejudicial acts that are detrimental to the best interests of the FSCA. Upon consideration of all facts, the FSCA Board may take action against said shooter or club/range. The FSCA Board of Directors shall be authorized to adopt sanctions or penalties on a case by case basis, including but not limited to revocation of FSCA Membership, cancellation of shoot dates, fines, and notification to the NSCA of acts or actions and non-compliance with rules and regulations of the FSCA or NSCA.

The following committees of the Board of Directors shall serve under the Board of Directors for the purpose of conducting specific business for the Board and the membership:

Election Committee - consisting of three (3) directors, appointed by the Board of Directors who will have responsibility to make initial nominations, manage the election process of the officers and the selection of the member, club, and delegate directors.

State Championship Committee – consisting of three (3) directors, appointed by the Board of Directors who will manage the bidding process, the selection of the hosting club, all aspects of conformance to the bid, and the subsidies provided by the FSCA, (See Article XII for more.

Special Committee – any other committee deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall have full charge of all matters covered in the Constitution and By-laws, including special meetings, and any and all other business that is reasonably presumed to be within the powers or duties of the Board.

A vacancy Occurring on the Board of Directors may be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors even if there is less than a quorum of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors so chosen shall hold office until the next regularly scheduled election of the Board of Directors by the membership-at-large. 



There shall a minimum of three regularly scheduled, in-person meeting types during the course of each calendar year:

(I) Annual General Membership Meeting to be held in January of each year for the conduct of general membership business. On even numbered years, election of officers shall be a mandatory order of business.

(2) Annual State Championship Meeting - to be held for the benefit of the general membership at the location and on the date of the FSCA State Championship.  The award of the following year state shoot will take place at this annual meeting. On Even numbered years, election of Board of Directors will also be held.

 Annual Shoot date meeting is now done in June every year by informing clubs that dates are needed and then president creating schedule

(3) Monthly Board Conference Calls – to discuss all relative topics including prospective expenditures, state shoot details, committee formation and reports, club and shooter issues, bank balances, complaints, shoot dates, new clubs, etc.  Secretary will announce tentative agenda, date and time to all twelve Board members including past president. All non-recurring expenditures must be approved by Board majority attending call.  There need not be a quorum for this vote however, agenda sent in advance must include sufficient detail on  issues requiring Board approval.

The President may call a special meeting of the FSCA at any time. Any member of the FSCA upon written request, may, petition the Board of Directors to have specific business conducted for the good of the organization. Upon the consensus of one-third of the Board of Directors, a special meeting of the Board may be called to conduct said business, if it supports the intent and context of the By-laws and the Constitution.

The President shall be empowered to conduct special single purpose meetings on any subject at any time by mail or electronically via e-mail or telephone. The special procedure shall be for the President to notify all of the directors of the specific purpose of the meeting, present any discussion that he/she deems applicable, and forward all information or discussion received to all of the directors. Any vote necessary shall then be called for, and the result forwarded to all of the directors. A lack of response or no vote within ten (10) days by any director shall be considered as if the director was not present. A copy of the discussion and results shall be forwarded to the Secretary for inclusion in the minutes. A simple majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business at any meeting.

The order of business at January and April meetings shall be as follows:

(1) Roll call and seating of Board members.

(2) Reading of Minutes (at the Annual General Membership Meeting the minutes of the previous Annual General Membership Meeting shall be read)

(3) Reports of Officers

(4) Reports of Committees

(5) Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws (Annual State Tournament Meeting AND via Newsletter/online voting by membership at any time deemed necessary by the full Board)

(6) Unfinished Business

(7) New business

(8) Awarding of next Annual State Tournament (Annual State Tournament meeting only)

(9) Election of Officers (Annual General Membership meeting only)

(10) Adjournment



Any member range/club desiring to register a tournament with the NSCA shall make application through the President of the FSCA in order that the date of said tournament may be recorded by the Secretary and the records for the FSCA be kept up to date.

The FSCA Board of Directors shall designate one contact person who shall be identified to the NSCA as the only person authorized to represent the FSCA. The designated contact shall inform the NSCA of the FSCA shoot schedule, and shall obtain NSCA shoot numbers for all shoots, and inform the NSCA of any schedule changes. The designated contact shall obtain approval from the board of directors for any schedule changes before submitting them.

Any club may request any date to host a shoot. For the benefit of both shooters and clubs, it shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors to coordinate and approve the assignment of shoot dates to maximize the number of shoots available for shooters to attend, and to maximize the number of shooters available to attend any shoot. To this end, the board shall, to the greatest extent possible, discourage:

·         Conflicting shoot dates for any clubs within 150 miles of each other

·         Weekend overlaps (i.e., Sat/Sun “back to back” shoots) for clubs in close proximity

·         Any conflict with certain FSCA “traditional” shoot dates deemed to be “major events”

·         Conflict with the Florida State Championship (no conflict will be permitted)

·         Conflict with the SE Regional Championship event 

·         Conflict with certain major national events

·         Conflict with certain major skeet or trap events

·         Conflict with certain major “family holidays”

The board may, in the board’s discretion, employ a process for interested clubs to bid upon tournament dates deemed to be highly desirable. The board may solicit proposals for shoots on such dates using a process similar to the process employed to determine the host of the annual Florida State Championship. The FSCA board will review the proposals and award the date based on the content of the proposals. Upon the award of the desirable date it may be treated as an exclusive “Protected Traditional” shoot date for that range with no conflicts allowed. In the event that no proposals are received or none warrant protection from conflicting shoots the date will be treated as a normal tournament weekend and the FSCA will only enforce the 150 mile radius for protection from conflicts.

The procedure for registration of a shoot date shall be as follows.

Any range or club in good standing desiring to sanction a shoot date with the FSCA shall make an application to the President of the FSCA no later than 30 days prior to the Annual Date Selection Process (typically June of each year for the upcoming year). The application may include the desired dates as “3rd Saturday in May”, for example, rather than a specified date if the club desires to host a shoot on the same weekend every year.

First priority in assigning shoot dates shall be to FSCA clubs with “traditional” shoot dates. A traditional shoot date is defined as a date selected by a member range/club on which they host a shooting event each year. The Board of Directors reserves the right to limit the number of “traditional shoot dates” a club may have.

Second priority shall be in order of receipt of requested shoot dates

Third priority in assigning shoot dates shall be determined by the number of requested shoots (i.e., a club with many requested shoot date requests may be requested to defer a date to a club with a lesser number of requested shoots).

The President shall attempt to resolve any conflicts in scheduling dates prior to the Annual Date Scheduling Meeting. Any unresolved conflicts shall be decided by majority vote of the Board of Directors, in the best interest of both the shooters and the clubs. The annual shoot schedule shall be announced at the conclusion of the Date Scheduling Process. Following announcement of the schedule, no club/range may schedule a shoot date where another club/range has a date without written consent of the latter club and the approval of the Board of Directors.

Shoot Cancellations: If a club/range chooses a date, and then cancels that shoot, notification of the FSCA is required. It is the sole responsibility of the club/range to notify shooters of the cancellation.  Any club that cancels a shoot for other than provident cause shall lose any claim to that date in future years. The Board of Directors shall resolve any issue pertaining to provident cause.

If any club/range ceases operations or cancels any shoot, the President shall notify all of the other clubs/ranges. The date for the current year only may be reassigned to any club within the conflict criteria above on a first application basis.




The FSCA Board of Directors shall serve as a committee for organizing the Florida State Championship tournament. The board may solicit additional members to serve on the committee as desired.

At least six (6) months prior to the state shoot, the Board will nominate three (3) to four individuals (who may or may not be Board members) to serve as the state shoot committee with responsibility to oversee,  monitor and make recommendations on state shoot details such as subsidies, giveaways, trophies, awards, compliance with accepted bid,  adequate facilities, etc.  This committee will report to the full Board at each subsequent monthly Board conference call.  Board may vote to approve or deny recommendations.

At least fifteen (15) months prior to the date of the tournament, the committee shall prepare and present a Request for Proposal to all FSCA clubs/ranges. The request shall include information regarding minimum standards for the shoot and shall require that any club bidding for the shoot provide specific information in a requested format in order that that the committee be able to fairly evaluate all bids. The request shall also clearly specify any aid that FSCA will provide to the club. Such aid may include, but shall not be limited to, providing trophies for selected shoot participants, and/or providing a banquet and any other support as deemed proper by the Board of Directors. Any club/range in good standing shall be eligible to host the tournament.

Any club desiring to bid for the shoot shall submit the proposal not less than thirty (30) days prior to the current year’s championship shoot.

The state shoot committee shall designate a subcommittee to visit or contact the bidding clubs to assure that the club has the facilities and capabilities to host a satisfactory tournament based upon criteria set forth by the Board of Directors. Following a report of this sub-committee, the Board of Directors shall select, by majority vote, a site for the tournament. The site will be announced at the current year’s tournament. Immediately thereafter the winning club shall enter into a contract with the FSCA, based on the bid proposal. Said contract shall contain language requiring the host club to work closely with the FSCA during the year prior to assure the success of the tournament.





The Constitution and By-laws may be amended as follows:

Any FSCA member in good standing may propose an amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws. The proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Secretary of the FSCA at least 30 days prior to the Annual State Championship Meeting, or a Special In-person Meeting called specifically for the purpose of amending the Constitution and Bylaws. In the event that a special meeting is called, it shall be mandatory that the entire FSCA membership be informed by newsletter of the date and time a minimum of 30 days before the meeting date. The board of Directors shall consider the proposed amendment(s), If the proposed amendment(s) is adopted by a majority of the Board of Directors, it will be published in a newsletter or posted on the FSCA website at least fifteen (15) days prior to the State Championship meeting or special called meeting. Amendments approved by the Board for a general membership vote may also be presented for approval or denial online to the membership in good standing with NSCA emails.

The amendment proposals shall be presented to the general membership for vote at the Annual State Championship meeting, or at a special meeting called for that purpose, or via online voting.  A simple majority vote of the online member votes (if done online) or the in-person votes present (if at a membership meeting) shall pass or defeat the proposed amendments.