FSCA Minutes 4/19/2016 Florida Sporting Clays Association


April 19, 2016


Conference Call


Attending: Van Drake, Gregg Nelson, Roger Kershaw, Parsons Metzkow, Don White, Jim Odle, Gary Wise, Don Currie, , Pat Welch, Barry Kelly

Absent: Louise Terry


Meeting was called to order by Pres. Van Drake at 7 pm.


Van first introduced and welcomed the new members of the Board, Gary Wise, Barry Kelly and Louise Terry.  Louise had another commitment during this time but has been in contact with the board on the outstanding issues.



1.  Board financial report by Gregg Nelson

 Gregg sent the financial report out to the Board previously this week. There were no comments and report was accepted by all.

2. State Shoot evaluation and discussion.

 Van asked the Board individually to comment and express their views on the performance of Ancient Oak as host of this year’s State Shoot.  Board reactions were generally very positive on the hosting of the shoot.  The most common statements from the Board were:

“Well done!”, “Parking was a problem”, “food was good”, needed better signage”, needed more to do on Sunday”, “portapotties were insufficient”, “needed to get shooters out of bad weather sooner”, “great targets”, “course management (flow though stations) could have been better”, “more effective weather contingency planning”

Van also asked all the attendees during the state shoot banquet to evaluate our job and the hosting club by going to our website and completing an evaluation survey.  The survey was created and ready to use the day after the state shoot but our website managers did not put the link up.  

3. Website

Van reported that the new FSCA website managed by ScoringPro is ready to use.  The old site is no longer accessible to members. Typing the prior URL will now redirect to the new URL that was picked by ScoringPro.  Very soon, Van will have control of content in that new site.

4. Proposal for increasing fees

Van discussed raising our current $.01 per target fee to .02 or even beyond.  There were spirited views both for and against this proposal. With no short term resolution forthcoming in this meeting, Van tabled the discussion until the May Conf call.

5. Ratifying FSCA Bylaw Amendments

Roger sent out an email prior to this Conf call describing the need to have the entire Board vote to approve the Bylaw Amendments that have been adopted by the Board over the last ten years. NSCA rules require all amendments to be reviewed by the NSCA before being adopted. Unfortunately, we just recently heard about that rule.  Brett Moyes and Rollins Brown (FL NSCA Delegate) have agreed that if we put the current Bylaws with all amendments to a vote by the full Board (and that the NSCA favorably approves the Bylaws), that would suffice. All Board members received the current Bylaws the summary of changes through the years and Minutes of meetings where the changes were discussed and approved. 


10 of the 11 voting members were present and all voted to approve the Bylaws.


At the end of the meeting, on a new subject, the Board discussed support for the SCTP program in the state of Florida.  We agreed to have Dennis Wagner, director of the SCTP in Florida, invited to join an upcoming FSCA conference call to make a proposal for what they would like us to sponsor.


Respectfully submitted,